When it comes to my activities and my passions, video games are at the top of the list. I’ve been playing video games since the early 90’s and have not been able to walk away from them. Some individuals, even my own relatives, might say that I’m addicted, but I am a truly passionate gamer who wants to share his knowledge and love for video games with the entire world and show everyone how the power of gaming can not only be fun, enjoyable and exciting, but how it can enrich your own life. This section will feature posts and updates involving my experiences with gaming and particular video games; both past and present. I will do this in the form of first impressions and/or reviews, or any other news I feel like responding to.

This section is where I will discuss recent happenings in the world of gaming, whether it be something that game developers have done or decided, different outlooks in the gaming community, coverage of video game conferences and conventions, and anything that fits in this realm of gaming news.

This section is where I will discuss and review video games. I will be posting my opinions of the newest games I have played and may go back in time and look at other games from my past.