Welcome to the alliance known as The Star Warriors! Below is a guide that will help you determine if you are a Star Warrior and what can you do to promote the message by which the Star Warriors stand by!

Q: Who are the Star Warriors?
A: This is a question I’ve been getting a lot since I’ve started saying it at the end of my videos. While I had originally started calling you (my audience) Star Warriors as an ending hook to my videos, I had realized over time that there was a lot more that went into my declaration than even I had anticipated. When I look at my Youtube channel, and what I strive my channel to stand for, I see my subscribers and my viewers as not a number or statistic, but as a supporter of what my channel represents. When I make my videos for Youtube, I want people to see that gaming is an adventure and an experience, not just a product or a distraction. When you play video games, you take a journey out of your reality and into a different world. While some would argue that it’s unrealistic, and thus unimportant, I would disagree in a major way. It may not be be your physical body that takes the journey, but your mind and your emotions do, and they are the ones that benefit from the adventure most. Through this journey, you learn problem-solving skills like, “using my own set of skills and resources, how can I escape from this dangerous situation?” and “what is the best move I can make so I can be successful?” Although this learning takes place in a virtual world, the same type of analysis and thinking can be applied to the real world as well, without having to put yourself in any mortal and physical danger. This virtual world also allows individuals to be put into roles and situations that they wouldn’t be able to experience in their regular day-to-day lives, giving them a new perspective on a side that would otherwise be foreign to them.

This is the kind of learning that, in my opinion, is not only lacking in the real world, but is also just really hard to replicate in a physical-learning format. This is why it frustrates me that video games have gotten such a bad reputation for being a cause of laziness and the general decline of modern society, when in reality, it has done way more than you think for the other side of the spectrum. This is a message I try to show through my videos, that video games do have this power over people, and it’s a power that should be enriched and nurtured, not pushed to the side. I see all of my subscribers, my viewers and the people leaving comments as supporters of that very same message, because I see you all as true gamers, or sometimes, even just true human beings who embrace that way of thinking and that way of life. That is something that I feel is missing these days, and I think the world could be a better place if we all joined together and shared that passion with the world. That is why I say that all of you are Star Warriors, because one day, we will all soar through the sky, to the greatest of heights!

Q: How can I join the Star Warriors?
A: There is no registration form, no interview, nor is there an initiation ceremony. If you have the heart and soul of a Star Warrior and you believe in our motto and message, you are a Star Warrior.

Q: Who/What are the Star Warriors against?
A: The Star Warriors are never against anybody, nor do they have enemies. A Star Warrior can also be affiliated with many; there is no exclusivity here. This is not an alliance against something, rather an alliance to work together in spreading our message and promoting our cause.

Q: How can I help the Star Warriors?
A: There are infinitely many ways you can support the cause, and even the smallest of methods can breed the greatest of results. Work together with or assist fellow Star Warriors in spreading the message. Show kindness and friendliness towards fellow gamers and encourage them to be the best they can be. Help out organizations and/or charities that spread the magic of gaming to those who need it most and remember that even a message or a mention could mean just as much as donating.

Q: How can I let the world know that I am a Star Warrior?
A: Say it loud and proud! Or if you would like a visual alternative, I will be making “Star Warrior” t-shirts where all of the shirts’ earnings will go directly to helping charities. I will also be providing images that you can use on other websites and social media pages to show your support. If you have any other ideas, feel free to contact me as I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions!