Hey guys, welcome to the Star Warrior Cup!

I describe all of the details in the video, but to give a quick summary, this is an online Mario Kart 8 tournament I am hosting for my friends and subscribers using the Mario Kart 8 tournament feature. There will be a tournament every week (unless I am unable to host one), and there will be prizes given out to tournament winners!

There are no requirements or prerequisites for joining the tournament, as long as you have a copy of Mario Kart 8 (and a Nintendo Wii U, for that matter) and a solid Internet connection. I would prefer if participants are subscribed to my Youtube channel or registered to the Insert C0in Community forum as a means for easily distributing prizes, but that is not a requirement.

I don’t have a lot of information to give out that isn’t already given out in the video already, so if you have any questions, refer to the video before you leave any comments. Listed below are the details for the current tournament scheduled.

Current Tournament:

Star Warrior Cup #3

Date: Sunday, September 14th, 2014
Time: 12:00 PM EDT – 4:00 PM EDT (you only need to participate in the number of races given in the “Race Limit”)
Race Limit: 16 (you can only gain points for 16 races)
Race Level: Mirror
Special Conditions: No


Week 1 Results
Week 2 Results

Links And Other Info:

Tournament Code: 2411-8021-3098

SlimKirby Gaming
This is the channel where I will be posting the majority of the videos in relation to the Star Warrior Cup. I will be posting videos from my tournament races the week after the tournament and I will also be posting recap videos that will cover the scoreboard for that week’s tournament as well as announcing the winner. I will be posting reminder videos and announcements on the main SlimKirby channel, but those vidoes will ultimately deleted when they are no longer relevant. The majority of the content will be on the SlimKirby Gaming channel.

Insert C0in
This a forum ran by Youtube user FiyahKitteh. She has given me permission to make a thread for the tournament. I am also a member of Insert C0in, although I will admit that I do not make very many posts on here. Regardless, I will still make updates on this forum in regards to the tournament and you guys may use it as a place where you can discuss the tournament with other users. Feel free to check the place out and discuss a variety of other gaming topics as well.


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