As you can see above, this page is dedicated to my Twitch channel. Streaming is something new that I have been enjoying doing on a regular basis (and would like to do it more). Whenever I go live, you can check out the stream on this page from the comfort of the website. If you want to know when I go live, pay close attention to my Twitter account as I will often announce when streams are going to be held. Or better yet, go straight to my Twitch channel and follow so you will be notified via e-mail whenever my streams are being held (just remember to go through your Twitch account settings and make sure you have it set to receive e-mails whenever I go live). My Twitch channel also has information about the type of streams I do, when I usually stream, and my rules and guidelines if you plan to participate in the chat while I am streaming, so check those out.

Stream Chat:
I’m still trying to figure out a way to implement the stream chat to this page as well. But until then, if you want to participate in chat while you watch (or if you have something you want to tell me or ask me while watching on here), go to my Twitch page and respond in the live chat there.

Stream Archive and Highlights:
Perhaps you missed a stream and want to get caught up? Or do you want to see (or relive) some of the greatest moments from my past streams? This Youtube playlist is an archive of all streams I have recorded and any highlights I have made. Alternatively, you can also go to my Twitch page and see everything under the sun, not just the things that are on Youtube, but that’s really up to you guys!