Q: Who are you?
A: Hello everybody, this is SlimKirby! My real name is Rob, but feel free to address me as “Slim,” or any other name variant, as long as I can recognize that you are referring to me. Anyway, I am 25-year-old male with a Computer Science degree (Bachelor’s) and I have a very deep attachment to and a fond passion for video games and gaming as a whole. I started playing games when I was only 2 years of age, and since then, my love for gaming has never stopped. I’ve used gaming as a means and a platform for developing my technical, technological, and social skills, as a way to entertain and educate myself, and even in my career with aspirations of becoming a video game designer and/or programmer. With this passion of mine, I hope that I can one day change the world (in a positive way) using the power of gaming in the same way it has enriched my life. With the start of my Youtube channel in 2007, I had given myself an outlet to let those passions run free, and with the success of channel “SlimKirby,” I hope I can continue to achieve my goals of powering this world with the fuel of gaming passion!

Q: What are your goals for this website?
A: Being a branded name on Youtube, and only just that, I figured it was time to take things up a notch and develop my own community and further expand what I had already started building. This place will not just be an archive for my Youtube videos, but will also be an outlet where I can write gaming articles and reviews and voice my opinion on gaming-related news and software. I also plan to feature my own content (like games and software I’ve made/worked on) and host events that will involve the community in strengthening my resolve. My resolve is a two-step approach; (1) bring together a strong and dedicated community of individuals, and (2) work together in spreading the message of how gaming can enrich the lives of others. Using this approach, I know we can make a difference. We can show the world that video games are not just a distraction, but rather an art form and a culture. There are hundreds of charities that work tirelessly with sick children in hospitals by bringing them video games and game consoles that they can entertain themselves with as they receive harsh treatments and painful procedures that many of us would not be able to even dream of. I want to help these charities and help people in general who could have used a good video game or distraction in their lives. I want to show the world the passion of gamers and how we can and will help those in need, and not that we are the stereotypical couch potato who spends more time playing World of Warcraft than socializing. This is a passion that I have felt throughout my entire life and I’ve never been ashamed of it. I think it’s time for the entire world to experience this as well.

Q: How can I contribute to the cause?
A: There are infinitely many ways you can contribute, even outside of this website’s parameters. This is a message that can be spread through the word of mouth and/or the actions of a proud and dedicated gamer. I encourage all of you to spread the word and put yourself out there as a gamer with a passion and a cause. If you are referring to how you can help me or this website out specifically, just stay tuned to my site updates and subscribe to my Youtube channel for information on upcoming events and requests for assistance.

Q: What do/can I do next?
A: Why are you asking me for? I’m not your boss! =P Seriously though, feel free to explore the site at your own leisure. You can find out how you can become a “Star Warrior.” You can read up on my opinions on the latest gaming news. You want to watch some videos? Check out my SlimKirby Youtube channel for Let’s Plays and playthroughs of some of my all-time favorite video games!

Q: I Have More Questions!
A: That is not a question, but if you do have more questions for me, check out the “Question Corner” page located here to see if your question has already been answered. If not, feel free to submit a question via the “Contact” page located here. I will post my answers to these questions on a routine basis.