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SSR #16: “Treehouse of Horror”

There is one holiday that the Simpson family never seems to miss a beat with and that holiday is none other than Halloween. Every season, starting with this season, has had a Halloween special and it has become a bit of a tradition with the all the writers and producers. It’s a time where they can all come together, pitch some scary story ideas, come up with some interesting parodies, bring the aliens Kang and Kodos out of retirement, and just in general have fun with creating some non-serious and non-canon storylines. It’s not just for the writers’ benefit though, as the Halloween specials are quite popular with the Simpson viewing audience too. In a countdown I watched many years ago of the most favorite Simpson episodes of all time, there were many Treehouse of Horror episodes featured in the Top 10 list alone, which shows how recognized and how loved these spooky stories are. So today, in the spirit of Halloween, we are taking a look at the very first Treehouse of Horror.