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Mario Party Rankings – Extended Analysis

Mario Party Rankings - Extended Analysis

Hello everybody, SlimKirby here!

Chances are, if you have stumbled on this page, you are here to see my extended analysis of my Mario Party Rankings video I posted on November 24th, 2016. This video may have seemed like a simple 20 minute video, but the behind the scenes work that went into this was much, MUCH larger and longer. In fact, originally this video was going to include basically everything I talk about on these next few pages, but after about getting halfway done with recording the audios, I realized that people may have not wanted to watch that behemoth of a video. So I scrapped the recordings and decided to approach the video in a more concise manner. However, I still had pages and pages of notes to work off of, so as a compromise and to make sure none of that writing went to waste, I decided to host my extended analysis on my website instead. So here we are! I hope you enjoy reading a novel and a half about Mario Party!

Before we start with the analysis, here is the video if you happened to get to this page from just my website and are curious about the “simplified” version of this list.


Hello everybody, SlimKirby here, and welcome to another Top 10/Ranking list! That’s right everybody, it’s time for what many of you have been waiting for, and like I said at the end of my “Best of… Worst of… Mario Party” series, sometime in 2016 I would take on the challenge of ranking the Mario Party games, and after taking some time to think about my decisions, I think I’m ready to present you with my personal ranking of the 10 console Mario Party titles. This took a lot of work and was a very difficult list for me to make. I’m pretty confident with my Top 3, and I think the bottom part of my list is pretty well-established too, but the middle part of the list was a nightmare for me to figure out. I think it’s just because there are so many aspects of each game where I like one thing better than another, but for another aspect alltogether, my opinion might be swapped or just completely different. However, I think that’s just the challenge of these kinds of lists and I’m sure anyone else would have the same struggles and challenges that I did, if they were to do the same thing (which I heavily encourage, if you are as passionate about these games as I am).

I think it was also pretty difficult just because I’ve been such a huge fan of the series since it first came out in 1999. Even the more recent games, which have taken a huge dip in quality compared to when the series started, I can still manage to play the games and come out of the experience at least feeling like I didn’t completely waste my time and I do think there is still some fun to be had in any of the installments, regardless of where they are ranked. So by all means, I don’t think any of the games on this list are particularly bad…just some were designed better than others. And with that being said, I am very happy to present this list to you guys and I hope you enjoy my insight.

As far as the list is concerned, like I said, I will only be looking at the ten console Mario Party games, so Mario Party Advance, Mario Party DS, Mario Party: Island Tour and Mario Party: Star Rush will not be included. I’m not trying to discredit those games, but I grew up with the console games, and I think they are definitely considered to be part of the main series, especially since they are the only ones that are numbered. As far as what I’m grading these games on, I’m mainly focusing on 3 specific points; the board game aspects, the minigames, and the extra side content. And as always, keep in mind that this list is solely based on my opinion and no one elses. If your list is different and you want to share your opinion, feel free to do so in the comments section of my ranking video, as I’m always curious to see the insight from other Mario Party enthusiasts.

So without further delay, let’s started.

The Rankings:

#10. Mario Party 10
#9. Mario Party 9
#8. Mario Party 3
#7. Mario Party 8
#6. Mario Party 5
#5. Mario Party 7
#4. Mario Party 6
#3. Mario Party 4
#2. Mario Party
#1. Mario Party 2


And those are my extended rankings! I hope you enjoyed reading through these because MY GOD, they took a lot of time to write and analyze. I’m not sure if I will ever do a list of this magnitude again, and if I do, I’m probably not going to use this amount of analysis in making the list. But still, because it was Mario Party, I had to give it a shot and put my all into it, just like I do for every minigame. Thanks for listening/watching/reading everybody!

– SlimKirby


Mario Party DS

Mario Party DS

Game: Mario Party DS
Start Date: October 29th, 2016
End Date: December 11th, 2016
Videos: 18

Mario Party Adance wasn’t exactly the Mario Party game people were looking for when it came to a Mario Party handheld experience. However, when the DS was doing some really nice things with Mario games, attempting the true Mario Party formula with this new hardware was a really great idea becasue Mario Party DS is the definitive Mario Party handheld experience. It’s a little rough around the edges and this game does introduce the tradition of capable Mario Party games not featuring online play, but I think this game is really good and in fact better than some of the console games.

SlimKirby, when will you do Mario Party DS? This was the question I got nonstop for many, many years. Heck, I wish I knew the answer myself, but this was a long road of uncertainy for me. With me giving my old capture card away as a gift to someone who really wanted a DS and no idea of when I would get a new one, this project was in jeopardy. However, once I received my capture card via donations, I knew this had to be one of the first projects I did, so I made sure Mario Party DS was on the agenda. Now I am proudly happy to present Mario Party DS Board Playthroughs!




Game: Bomberman
Start Date: August 14th, 2016
End Date: August 18th, 2016
Videos: 5

Good ol’ Bomberman has also had his beginnings on the NES console, although his beginnings are a little….more basic and barebones. Regardless, it’s interesting (at least for me) to go back and see what this guy was made of at the very beginning. In this game, robots have been enslaved by the forces of evil to make bombs in their underground tunnels, and there is a rumor that the one who makes it to the surface can become a human and stop living in a world of nonstop bomb manufacturing.

After streaming this game awhile back, I wanted to give this game another go on Youtube and actually complete it for a Youtube project. I had the entire Super Bomberman series completed on my Youtube channel, but there technically were some Bomberman games before that too, so why not get those taken care of?