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Kirby’s Return to Dream Land

Kirby's Return to Dream Land

Game: Kirby’s Return to Dream Land
Start Date: April 26th, 2016
Videos: 21

Remember when Kirby GCN was a thing for the longest time? Then once the Gamecube era ended and Kirby’s Epic Yarn was the first Kirby platformer since Kirby 64, people wondered whatever the hell happened to that Kirby game we were promised? However, when Return to Dream Land came out, all questions were answered as people flocked to another one of the Wii’s awesome platforming titles. This time with multiplayer posibilities, interesting motion controlled minigames, brand new copy power-ups and a whole lot more.

I think it is safe to say that Return to Dream Land was in the works for a really long time on my channel. However, the timing never felt just right for it until this year when I needed a project to go alongside what was left of the Sacred Stones postgame. So Kirby, you ready for another round of fun in Dream Land?


Kirby’s Dream Course

Kirby's Dream Course

Game: Kirby’s Dream Course
Start Date: November 29th, 2010
Runtime: 8 hours
Videos: 29

What happens when you take Kirby and put him in a game about mini-golf? You get Kirby’s Dream Course! Kirby takes golf in a very unique way though, turning himself into the ball and using a variety of power-ups to move further along the course. This is the type of game where clever thinking, and sometimes, even a little bit of risk, can yield some very great rewards, so go for broke and get a great score!

This was another project that was impacted in a very unfortunate way, by the crash of my computer at the time, only being able to record on one day every two weeks, but regardless of this fact, I was still able to enjoy a very classic game from my childhood, doing something that I had honestly never done before the project…unlocking and mastering the bonus content that the game has to offer!

This playlist also features a bonus inclusion of ShadowMarioXLI and I competing against each other, and playing all the stages of the Multiplayer mode. This was featured on the CrystalStarStudio channel, but was treated as part of the project.