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SSR #14: “Bart Gets an ‘F'”


Ladies and gentleman, it is time to take the long-awaited dive into Season 2 of The Simpsons for this retrospective. It’s been over a year since I took a look at the final episode of Season 1, and I do not feel like making you guys or myself wait any longer. Season 2 is a very iconic season for me; mainly because it was the season where I first started watching the show and are the earliest episodes I remember watching as a kid, aside from the Christmas special. My parents had a video cassette that had a number of Season 2 episodes on it; from Dancin’ Homer, Dead Putting Society, Bart the Daredevil…lots of episodes that I have pretty much grown up with and episodes that are very iconic or memorable to me. I wouldn’t say that Season 2 is the best season of the show; in fact, most Simpson fans consider Season 2 to be the bronze age of the series (episodes that are indisputably good, but not amazing). Season 2 is probably the most nostalgic for me though as I’ve seen a lot of these episodes a number of times and could more than likely identify most of these episodes from a still image alone if provided to me. I have a lot of fond memories of this season and I very much look forward to re-examining the era and seeing how these episodes still hold up today.