Welcome to the fifth issue of SlimKirby Central! This is a series where I get into what’s currently going on with my Youtube channel, my Twitch channel and everything else I do in between; including some updates of what’s going on for me outside of the Internet world!



As of this month, I’ve decided not to include the outline because it’s all in the video description of the above video, so if you want to see it, click on the “Youtube” button in the video window to go to the actual page. From now on I’ll just give a brief summary below the video to address what was going on during this time.

As for May’s update, I talked about the upcoming Momocon 2016 convention and how that will affect my stream schedule over the following few weeks and bounced a few other ideas around for the most part.

SlimKirby Central #5 – May 2016
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