Welcome to the second issue of SlimKirby Central! This is a series where I get into what’s currently going on with my Youtube channel, my Twitch channel and everything else I do in between; including some updates of what’s going on for me outside of the Internet world!


(Every bullet point will be time stamped, so you know what part of the video discussion starts on that topic)

Episode 2: January 2016

I. Youtube – 0:49
a) Link
b) With Mario Kart: Double Dash!! and Thomas Was Alone finished, both Super Smash Bros. Brawl & Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze will begin. These projects, alongside Sacred Stones, will be lasting awhile and there will probably not be a lot of change on my channel for a bit. If I feel like I need to speed one of the projects up though, I will take measures that will allow that. For now though, going with what I initially planned.
c) Big projects for this year officially announced: Super Mario Galaxy and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Super Paper Mario announced for most-likely an early 2017 release.

II. Twitch – 6:33
a) Link
b) Might be rolling back a bit with the Twitch streams, due to lack of enjoyment with some streaming sessions. Although not cancelling or stopping streams, there will be some changes to ensure more enjoyment to you guys, and me, the streamer.
c) One change is that streams will be less structured and more casual and informal, or rather, that’s what I want to go for. I don’t want people to know or assume what I’m playing every time and I want to focus more on what I personally want to play for you guys.
d) RetroAchievements will be less playing through blind, especially when games have challenges that are maybe too hard, or hold up progress. Achievement of the Week could be applicable to this too. Currently Rank 36 though, so I’ve been making some really good progress.
e) In general, I have not been enjoying playing through certain games blind. These streams may stop entirely because I want my first impressions of games to be less “me being annoyed” and more about me taking in the game without outside influence.
f) Streams like the Digimon World 2 stream events have been fantastic. Want my streams to be more like “this” as opposed to what has been happening lately with everything else. Will be pushing my streams to have more of this type of environment, and my mods will be helping me with that as well.
g) Not mentioned here in this section, but Twitch Alerts and a donation page have been set up! Thanks to PixlPlume!

III. Website – 12:46
a) Link
b) Site is pretty much up to date with projects, and the next Question Corner will be uploaded once I reach that question threshold (which will actually be next week at this current pace).

IV. PuddlePlainsHD – 14:15
a) Link
b) Projects have started being worked on! Pay attention to the PuddlePlainsHD twitter account for when they will go live!
c) PuddlePlainsHD Twitter

V. Shout-out of the Month – 15:54

VI. Real Talk & Conclusion – 17:41
a) In the process of trying to get a job and getting assistance from a good friend from high school. Just letting you guys know that this process is continuing and will be ongoing for awhile, so if I ever need to make any changes on the Youtube & Twitch front, I might need to. But aside from that, looking very much forward to the future
b) Will be attending MAGFest 2016 next month from February 18th- February 21st. I will have more information next month!

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SlimKirby Central #2 – January 2016
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