Hey guys! Welcome to the first issue of SlimKirby Central! A series where I get into what’s currently going on with my Youtube channel, my Twitch channel and everything else I do in between.



(Every bullet point will be time stamped, so you know what part of the video discussion starts on that topic)

SlimKirby Central
I. Explanation of this “new” series – 0:00

Episode 1: December 2015 – 1:52

I. Deadlines – 1:57
a) Voting for Top 10 2015 Youtube Projects
b) Voting ends around December 27th, 2015! Get your votes in now!

II. Youtube – 2:52
a) Link
b) Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, Thomas Was Alone & Mario Kart: Double Dash will continue as normal. Latter two should wrap up around mid-January. Sacred Stones will be going on for awhile.
c) Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and Super Smash Bros. Brawl will more than likely be the replacements for projects ending in January.
d) Mario Party 10 Rankings & Plants vs. Zombies Survival Mode will be posted before the end of 2015!

III. Stream/Twitch – 4:41
a) Link
b) Looking in to building a solid streaming foundation and schedule due to enjoyment with this medium.
c) RetroAchievements Streams – Around Rank 45, staying pretty consistent at that rank, working on Zelda Oracle games, Achievement of the Weeks, and anything else I feel like working on my own time.
d) Blind Pikmin 3 stream playthrough in progress, almost finished, Mario Party and other board game playthroughs done as warm-ups, and looking for game to do after Pikmin 3, whether it’s blind, a redux, etc.
e) Note: Stream playthroughs WILL NOT be used as Youtube Let’s Play projects. Pikmin 3 will still be its own playthrough when I get to it later, for example.
f) Grinding Streams – Due to success of Pokemon Light Platinum Grinding Stream, started a playthrough of Digimon World 2, a very grind-heavy game. Have had a session of the game already (two sessions, actually, but the second session was completely unplanned and unscheduled (after I recorded the audio for this video). Next session will be on Saturday of this week, if you are interested in checking it out)
g) Been trying to export all Twitch streams to Youtube for convenient watching, but have been having issues with Twitch exporter, and will be unable to put them on Youtube until Twitch gets their act together. Until then, streams will be featured on the highlights section of Twitch Channel
h) Still open to trying new things on Twitch channel!

IV. Website – 10:17
a) Link
b) Trying to keep website up to date with Youtube and Twitch endeavors.
c) Much like streaming, open to ideas and trying to come up with things to do for it.

V. PuddlePlainsHD – 12:09
a) Link
b) Content is on hold until we can find a way to schedule recordings and meet-ups.
c) PuddlesTV Community Streaming Schedule

VI. Star Warrior Shoutout – 14:11

VII. Real Talk & Closing – 16:04
a) Explanation on why December has been a very busy month for me and what the future looks like for me in terms of my life, career & the SlimKirby name
b) Trying to get a Patreon page set-up and a non-temporary donation link for future production on my channel!

Thanks for watching/listening guys! =)

SlimKirby Central #1 – December 2015

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