Game: Marty Party 2
Start Date: June 19th, 2009
Runtime: 7 hours
Videos: 46

In the creation of Mario Land, Mario and his friends argue if Mario Land should even be the name, as everyone wants this new place to be named after them, including the beastly brute Bowser. It looks like whoever will stop the King of the Koopas will earn the privilege of naming this new land! Mario Party 2 is the 2nd installment of the Mario Party series, and it featured new boards, new mini-games, and new game mechanics that took everything great about the first title, and expanded it to new heights!

Although this is the 2nd installment of the series, this playthrough was done after Mario Party 3, 4, and the original (in that order). This is due to the fact that my original playthroughs of both Mario Party and Mario Party 2 were removed by me due to copyright issues, making Mario Party 3 and 4 my earliest Mario Party playthroughs. The original Mario Party 2 playthrough, much like the Mario Party 1 playthrough, can no longer be found on my channel or on the Internet.

I don’t feel like this playthrough achieved the same level of success that Mario Party 1 did, but it was a lot of fun and was a nice follow-up to the first game. This also happens to be my favorite Mario Party game as it introduced a lot of interesting boards, cool mini-games, and some unique features that made the game an unforgettable experience.

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Mario Party 2
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