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Game: Double Dragon (NES)
Start Date: August 7th, 2016
End Date: August 8th, 2016
Videos: 2

Like them or not, beat-em-ups were definitely some of the most popular video games back in the olden days. Just the thought of starting from a very basic level with weaklings and making your way up the ladder of strength to fighting harder enemies and bosses just seemed like a natural progression in the video game world. In this game, Billy Lee is off to beat the crap out of any foe that gets in his way to rescue his girlfriend Marion from the Black Warriors gang.

I first played this game a few years ago when FiyahKitteh, her friend and I decided to do a series of video game challenge videos on our Youtube channels. I actually had fun during that challenge, so I figured that since I was doing an NES Marathon, it would be a good choice of game to do, since I even remarked during that challenge that I could see myself doing a Let’s Play of the game at a future date and time. So for this marathon, I made it a reality.

Double Dragon (NES)
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