Mario Party 3

Mario Party 3

Game: Mario Party 3
Start Date: July 16th, 2008
Runtime: 11 hours
Videos: 66

Mario and his friends are having a nice relaxing day in front of Princess Peach’s Castle. During this down-time, a giant star crashes into the ground, claiming to be the Millenium Star. Being the competitive and playful characters they are, Mario and his friends decide to play Mario Party to determine who gets to own this marvelous star. Mario Party 3 is the third installment of the Mario Party series, featuring new items, new boards, new characters, lots of new mini-games, and even a new spin to the formula in the form of “Duel Maps;” 1 vs. 1 board maps requiring you to eliminate your opponent using classic Mario characters and enemies.

Although this is the 3rd installment of the Mario Party series, it is actually the earliest (in terms of date) available playlist of my Mario Party playthrough series. This is because I had to remove my original playthroughs of Mario Party 1 and Mario Party 2 due to the issues of copyright I had with those videos, and as a result, I redid them at a later date, after this project. This also happens to be the earliest playlist I have on my channel, which means I had a much different and inferior set-up compared to what I have now and in the other Mario Party playthroughs.

This playthrough gave birth to a lot of very special and amazing moments and I don’t regret a single minute of playing this game for you guys; even if I consider it having the worst production quality of all of my featured projects (at this time). If you want to see how things used to be on the SlimKirby channel, check out this project and embrace the nostalgia!