3 comments on “Freemium Gaming: Too Smart or Too Greedy?

  1. I actually don’t have any games on my cell. Never really took interest in mobile games as much as ones available for gaming systems. I may the only person alive who hasn’t played Angry Birds or Candy Crush Saga. I got Bejeweled 2 and 3 so I never took interest in the Candy Crush clone. I also hate the fact that even when a game is free you get nickled and dimed for extra features, granted those are optional they are also very appealing and addicting. I did get Final Fantasy IV The After Years for the Wii and I know this was originally a mobile game in Japan, and when I learned when you actually had to pay extra for all the other story lines I was a little ticked. Pretty much made me weary of mobile games from there on out (again, since this is actually a mobile game in Japan).

  2. One thing that I learned in one of my college classes about candy crush is thar it actually earns $350,000 per day. Which for a freemium game as you put it, which might I say is a very good way of describing these types of games, is a lot more than I thought it would be making.

    Total sidenote since I am doing this on a mobile phone and I was going to put it in the websites section, I have a channel on YouTube called digidestined pichu, if you want to check it out. Once again only posting this here because I kind of lose track of my thought if gone too long.

  3. Never really bothered with freemium gaming, if I am spending money on games I would rather plow it into something much more worthwhile like my GBA collection (130 games and counting). The other advantage to that is that if you pay money for freemium add ons then lose all data on the device you have to pay out again to get it all back. Besides, I would rather play a real game like Metroid Fusion for example and keep the challenge in instead of paying to automatically advance forward, otherwise whats the point in playing? I guess its attitudes toward gaming have changed a lot in recent years..

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