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  1. I actually had a dedicated laptop to having the stream open at all times. I got into the stream only 10 hours after it had began, and I was instantly hooked. I wasn’t routinely active in the chat process, probably only contributing a few hundred inputs, but I haven’t laughed at an IRC so much in my life. The immense elation felt when a trouble spot was finally conquered, or the anguish and interesting communal introspection which occurred when something terrible happened was, to me, a fresh look at how video games can affect us and how we deal with it. I mean, when we caught freakin’ Zapdos after hours of trying to get to the Power Plant…you can imagine we felt like Kings! If it hadn’t of worked it would have been a crippling blow to the stream morale.

    As for the memes that came about, I fully embrace them. Helix has, in my eyes, affirmed himself as a God of Pokemon (though the Dome contrarians would argue otherwise). The nicknames we gave our Pokemon will forever be cemented in my mind, and it really shows how much affection we put into our team (DigRat aside of course!).

    On that fateful day when we overcame the trials of Victory Road, we knew our own success was assured. We were like a standing army at the gates of our enemies. Then, after hours of varying success (our level 38 Venemoth took out Lance’s Dragonite at one point!), we had won and were the Masters of Pokemon. Hell, it was like we were watching our version of the Moon Landing, except we had taken part. Sounds silly, but it’s the fruits of our labor being shared with others that made it feel so good.

    Just thought I’d share the feelings of someone who had been there from the beginning and never lost my investment in it. I’m also glad to see folks like yourself, sorta from the outside looking in, enjoyed the stream to some extent (even imgur folks tolerated the incessant stream-related content, and them guys can be a surly sort!).

    • Thanks for sharing! It’s good to hear an experience from someone who was actually part of it! =) Good luck with the rest of the Crystal adventure! =P

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